Alison Ballard


Her Noise Archive: Symbol of Democracy or Communist Uprising?

A video work questioning the fine line between political criticism and political rebellion. Created in response to the Her Noise Archive; an archive of women working at the intersection of sound, art, noise and politics, it challenges the role of women within the male dominated fields of sound and politics.

It is a sardonic observation of the ambivalent political voice of the Her Noise Archive which serves equally as a democratic symbol of equality, and as an uprising against the false utopia of democracy. By presenting both truths side-by-side the stark similarities between these two viewpoints are made apparent, and it’s political fragility laid bare. An archive may be created democratically but it can easily become bound to an authoritarian existence by those who control its access, changing its political locale overnight.

Her Noise Archive: Symbol of Democracy or Communist Uprising? extends beyond critique of the Her Noise Archive and passes question upon political party structures and the fine line between one party’s politics and another. Applying the same structure and techniques of manipulating rhythm, pitch and repetition I explore the possibilities of speech as a political tool within the arts.

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