Alison Ballard



In My Good Ear

Following the succes of All Ears, Alison worked again with Nicholas Acons and Jim Walker to create another site-specific performance using the natural resonant frequencies of the room to manipulate the behaviour of sounds and the audiences’ experience of them. This time the addition of Amy Nicholson on cello brought more depth and harmony to the piece, enhancing the atmosphere of the composition and complementing the violins.Using the unique way in which sound behaves in the space, the piece envelopes the audience within pulsing, ringing and humming sounds of resonance and reverberation weaved throughout a hypnotic musical performance.

Originally a site-specific performance, when the 5.1 recording of the piece is played in other locations it transfers all of the acoustics of the original venue to those spaces, bringing resonance to dampened rooms and space to small environments.

In collaboration with Nick Acons, Jim Walker and Amy Nicholson.

Supported by Arts Council England.

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