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Acoustic Boundaries: A Soundwalk for the Barbican, London

This 30-minute walk will guide you through some of the unique acoustic experiences created by the iconic architecture of the Barbican, highlighting the space's affect upon the movement of sound and sharing acoustic phenomena in the most unlikely of places.

Listening through headphones will seriously impair your ability to listen to the subtle acoustic changes of the space and so, unlike other soundwalks, this guide is designed to be played via a speaker. Built in phone speakers, or small portable ones plugged into an mp3 player, will work just fine.

It can be done at any time but the walk is most affective when the Barbican is quiet (eg. weekdays between 09:00 - 17:30). Other times are ok, but it is strongly recommended that you avoid performance times and special events when the Barbican may be busy.
Regrettably, this walk is not wheelchair accessible

Download the mp3 (right click and choose 'save file as')
Add it your mp3 player or smart phone.
Make sure it can be played back via a speaker and NOT headphones.
Start from the Silk Street Entrance to the Barbican.

Watch the video! *
Unable to reach the Barbican? You can now watch a first-person, binaural video recording of the walk. Not as good as the real thing but a good second best.

* In contrast to the the walk itself, wear headphones when watching the video for binaural sound.

Read more: about Alison's research into audio-led soundwalks.

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