Alison Ballard


Alison Ballard

Alison Ballard explores changing notions of what it means to be present, to witness something in real time, and the impact technology is having on our sense of self through film, installations, audio, performance, and geo-locative technologies. Her works often employ speech or narrative voiceover, placing image and sound together / against each other to destroy / create meaning. Through absence and presence, she plays with the boundaries between the real and the unreal to question our relationships with people, and places.

Previous exhibitions include Whitechapel Gallery (London), IMT (London), Silent Barn (New York), Bloc Projects (Sheffield), Barbican (London), Tenderpixel (London), SOMArts Cultural Centre (San Francisco) NURTUREart (New York) and HTMlles 11 (Montreal).

In 2017, her exhibition ‘Offline Is The New Luxury’ brought together a collection of works exploring our relationship with online technologies and the internet, reflecting upon the context-collapse of the real and unreal and inviting us to reconsider our view of reality.

Ballard regularly collaborates with other artists and in 2015 she was awarded the Main Prize at the Nottingham Castle Open for ‘Wasted Labour’ a collaborative work with artist Martin Lewis. Together, they use everyday machines as tools to examine human effort and physical labour through repetitive, rhythmic movements of the body. ‘Pod’, a collaborative project with artist and technologist Mike Blow, is now on show at the Science Museum's new interactive gallery, 'Wonderlab: The Statoil Gallery and their latest piece Colony’ is currently touring the UK with Hogarth Productions.

Alongside her practice, Alison is Associate Lecturer at Nottingham Trent University and a freelance producer.

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